The pinnacle event is a symposium beginning 6 pm, Saturday, Oct. 26, and concluding at 1 pm, Mon., Oct. 28. The GRACE Center at Kohala Institute, Kapa`au, will host.  

The platform for this symposium is unique:  In the days leading up to this event, each guest artist will lead a pre-selected traditional tattoo enthusiast and volunteer through the sacred journey of traditional tattoo–from envisioning and purpose to the making of the patterns and marks on the body.

During the symposium, each visiting presenter will then share their insights of traditional tattoo within their culture. The artist and his/her volunteer model will also share the experience of their vision and journey of choosing and creating the individual’s marks and patterns.


Sacred rituals and Saturday and Sunday evening fireside gatherings with `awa are additionally scheduled.

The symposium continues Monday morning with an opportunity to gather on the lands of the ahupua`a where the symposium takes place. Participants will experience the mana of the lands of King Kamahemaha as well as the powerful cultural traditions unique to Kohala, the district of his birth. 

We are thrilled to be offering a
 Full Symposium pass
which includes:

• Entry passes for the Symposium Saturday through Monday
• Meals

• Tote bag
• Temporary Tattoo
• Event booklet
• 10% off Grace Center or HUB accommodations during the weekend

*** Tickets for the FULL Symposium pass are $250 ***

Register HERE!

Grace Center, Kohala Institute

53-580 Iole Rd, Kapaau, HI 96755